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australian opal centre

St Claire Opals Ltd supports the AUTRALIAN OPAL CENTRE

The Australian Opal Centre is a not for profit centre for the World's greatest public collection of Australian Opal and rare Opalised fossils; a hub for opal research, education, training, promotion, history, heritage, creativity and celebration.

The Australian Opal Centre will now construct a $30 million, 21st century architectural masterpiece.

The complex will contain magnificent permanent exhibitions, curation and education facilities, a cinema, gallery space, spectacular opal vault, a research library and laboratory and underground gardens. 100 metres long and two storeys deep, the Australian Opal Centre building will use a combination of ancient and cutting-edge modern technologies to provide its own energy, water, light and fresh air...without being connected to mains power or water.

The large ground-level roof will collect rainwater and solar energy. Water will be stored and kept cool underground, then recycled for use on the Gondwanan garden. Gradients of air temperature and pressure will drive passive ventilation systems, not unlike those used by opal miners to keep fresh air flowing through their mines.

This project is looking for support, please visit their site and judge for yourselves: