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This is a solid natural white Opal from the Coober Pedy Opal fields. A beautiful and unusual stone ready to be set into jewellery. Truly difficult to photograph and can only really be appreciated in natural sunlight.

If you see an opal on this website that you might like to have as a pendant, please contact Peter to discuss if it is possible with that particular stone. You also need to state if you wish to have a bail fitted or not. If you do, then you would need to be charged for the cost of metal, silver or gold.

St Claire Opals Australian Opals

Solid Natural Coober Pedy Opal Stone

Item Number: 000060
Quantity: 1
Origins: Coober Pedy, Australia
Size: 12.84 x 10.59 x3.10  mm
Weight: 2.78 Carats
Price: £78.00 GBP
Shape: Cabochon
Colour: Greens Blue Purple and Orange
Clarity: 4.3
Treatment: Natural
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h300_000060 ID262874 Solid Natural Opal.jpg


Solid Natural Coober Pedy Opal Stone

£78.00 GBP

Available from: St Claire Opals Ltd

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