Earring & Pendant Set Australian Opal for Sale
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These are Opal chips and Synthetic Opals which have be set in resin and mounted in gold plated alloy. PENDANT SIZE: 31 X 7 X 3 MM; Largest Opal: 6 X 3 MM EARRING SIZE: 30 X 8 X 2 MM; Largest Opal SIZE: 8 X 2 MM These are sold purely as an introduction to Opals. There are 3 sets, each different from the other

If you see an opal on this website that you might like to have as a pendant, please contact Peter to discuss if it is possible with that particular stone. You also need to state if you wish to have a bail fitted or not. If you do, then you would need to be charged for the cost of metal, silver or gold.

St Claire Opals Australian Opals

Earring & Pendant Set

Item Number: 000336
Quantity: 3 sets
Origins: Coober Pedy, Australia
Size: xxx mm
Weight: xxx Carats
Price: £7.00 GBP
Shape: Pendant
Colour: Blue, Red, White
Clarity: 1.5
Treatment: Nil
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h300_000336 ID18078 3 Sets Earings & Pendants.jpg


Earring & Pendant Set

£7.00 GBP

Available from: St Claire Opals Ltd

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