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On a recent trip to Lightning Ridge(LR) in New South Wales (NSW) to acquire more opals for sale, I came across this one while staying with a friend in South Australia. Unusual, insofar as it had a Certificate of Appraisal with it from Nicholas Kollias a member of the Australian Opal Association. This is a solid Black Opal from LR in NSW which has Feather Patterns in all Spectral Colours.

If you see an opal on this website that you might like to have as a pendant, please contact Peter to discuss if it is possible with that particular stone. You also need to state if you wish to have a bail fitted or not. If you do, then you would need to be charged for the cost of metal, silver or gold.

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Item Number: 000400
Quantity: 1
Origins: Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia
Size: 23.11 x 12.96 x 4.11 mm
Weight: 5.56 Carats
Price: £3,125.00 GBP
Shape: Oval
Colour: Full Spectrum
Clarity: 4.5
Treatment: Nil
Hardness: NA
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£3,125.00 GBP

Available from: St Claire Opals Ltd

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