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St Claire Opals (Peter & Inger)

St. Claire Opals was formed in 2009 as a result of my long held interest in Lapidary, in particular the Cutting and Polishing of Opals.

In order for me to learn more about how to work Opals, I first imported them as a finished stone in order that I could see how they were cut and polished. I also bought rough opal from dealers and also directly from the mines, which I now work in my workshop.

Many Cutters of Opal prefer, as I do, to let the stone and run of colour, dictate the form the Opal will take. You can look at a rough piece of Opal and think that you can produce a certain shape; but when you start cutting, the original shape and colour changes, and  because of what you find underneath the rough stone, you eventually end up with another shape from that which you at  first envisaged.

As you can see at "How to care for Opals" at the Home Page,  there are a number of different recognised shapes; Oval is by far the most popular shape, followed by circular or round, teardrop, square, rectangle and triangle are the most common shapes. Because we tend to allow the stone to dictate the shape, we also have what is called Freeform shape.

As a much travelled Australian, I have lived and have worked from the South of England, inevitably I found myself settling here.  This is now where I have my workshop from which I produce finished stones. These are sold as Stones, Pendants, or stones in settings, mostly in Sterling silver.

My wife and I source our opals in a number of ways, through auctions, buying directly from the mines and, whenever possible, I like to travel to Australia and buy direct from main dealers and from the mines themselves.

Because of our interest and love of Opals, when you buy an Opal from us you can be assured of a good quality.

May we wish you much joy in being the owner of such a unique stone, as there are no two Opals exactly the same, you have bought something very special. If you were born in October, you might like to know that Opal is your Birth stone.

St Claire Opals is a registered member of the Opal Association Incorporated and, as such, is bound by the rules and regulations as stated in the articles of the association and pledges to adhere to the Association's code of conduct.

Member of Opal Association Incorporated (of Australia)               

Peter CEO of St. Claire's Opals
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