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Australian Opals for Sale

Type of Australian Opals for sale

You can buy many types of Australian Opals here on St Claire Opals. Typical Australian Opals for sale here are: Lighting Ridge Opals or commonly referred to Black Opals. Black Opals are highly sought after due to their brilliance in colour when sunlight shines on them. Other opals for sale are the Coober Pedy Opals or the Koroit Opals. You could also choose to buy the Australis Fire Opals which have been recently discovered in Western Australia, and has created great excitement about these newly discovered opals.

Australian Opals Information

For further information about the Australian Opals for sale on this website, contact Peter using the contact form or just email him on the email address found on the contact page. You could also view the Opal Information section, found on the top menu, if you would like to find out more about Australian Opals in general.

Buying an Australian Opal

If you are interested in buying an Australian Opal on St Claire Opals and, you would need some advice between what type of Australian Opal to buy then, again contact Peter and he would gladly help you choosing a suitable opal.

If you do not want to buy an opal at this stage then we hope this website has been informative if ever you wanted to be a proud owner of an Australian Opal.

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