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map of australia

Regions in Australia where opals are found

Opals found in Australia were known to come from 3 different states on that continent, namely South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. We now have a fourth state, Western Australia.

The State of Queensland has the largest number of mines at various different locations, namely Kynuna, Opalton, Mayneside, Opalville, Little Wonder, Hammond, Hayricks, Bull Creek, Sheepyard Creek, Duck Creek, Blackgate, Quilpi, Yowah discovered in 1884 and Koroit discovered in 1887.

The State of New South Wales has two main areas that produced opal and they are at Lightning Ridge discovered in 1873 which still today produces the most beautiful Black Opal; and White Cliffs discovered in 1889. This field produced much very good opal until around 1914 when it went into decline.

The State of South Australia has 5 main sites where opal is mined, however new ones are still being discovered. The first Opals in South Australia were discovered in the Adelaide Hills in 1840. Coober Pedy was discovered in 1915 and now has a large number of mines. There is also Mintabie, Lambina and Marla Bore which are found north of Coober Pedy; Andamooka is found south of Coober Pedy towards Woomera.

Most of the Opals on this site are from Yowah, Koroit, Quilpi, Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, Mintabie and Andamooka. We tend to specialise in Australian opals however there are a few which come from Ethiopia.

The State of Western Australia has for the first time joined the opal producing States of Australia. About 2 years ago a prospector came across some opal bearing stone on the surface in a very remote location of White Cliffs close to the outback town of Laverton (population 143 in 2015) Western Australia. This harsh dry desert environment is perfect for producing very dry gemstone quality fire opals. It is so hot during the Summer that it is only possible to mine there in the comparative cool of Winter months.

Opals sold on this site

* Boulder Opal is a type and comes from mines in Queensland. All the other names listed are actual mines or mining areas.

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